Knowledge Solutions FAQs

Who is RightAnswer.com, Inc.?

RightAnswer.com, Inc. is an industry leader in Internet-based Software-as-a-Service application development and data delivery. We provide reliable data solutions and cost-effective decision support for Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) requirements. We continuously analyze our processes, methodology, procedures and standards to ensure our customers have the right tools to meet their requirements. Our highly qualified staff has years of experience with Fortune 1000 chemical companies, developing an expertise in environmental, health and safety information technology.

RightAnswer.com, Inc. excels in two main areas of expertise:
  • Knowledge Solutions: We deliver current, comprehensive and trusted chemical and regulatory information, and
  • Document Solutions: We provide robust, enterprise document management solutions, focused primarily in the labeling arena

Why is it important to have Current, Comprehensive and Trusted information?

The decisions you make could have broad implications – for you, for your organization, for your colleagues, for customers or the people you serve, for the community at large and for risk management in general. You need information you can depend on to be up-to-date, complete and reliable.

How can I be sure that RightAnswer's data is Current?

RightAnswer starts by getting data directly from the sources that produce it and making it available through our user-friendly interface. Unlike single sources or aggregated data, RightAnswer takes another significant step by mastering the data into our integrated interface. Integrated data updates take place a minimum of monthly and often more frequently, so you can be confident the information is fresh. We also integrate time-saving direct links to specific information in key government data sources that are easily accessed from within our interface. These additional sources are integrated at the document level so that searches bring up the data you're looking for with fewer clicks and greater probability of finding what you need.

How Comprehensive is RightAnswer's chemical and regulatory information?

We provide integrated searching capabilities that address over 400,000 substances and provide access to over 4 million MSDS documents, many available in multiple languages. This means you'll save time and frustration, knowing you can find the information you need – without having to search through site after site, or separate data sources, still unsure of your results.

What makes RightAnswer's information Trustworthy?

We only provide data from reliable sources. RightAnswer also offers exclusive, fully-referenced information from MICROMEDEX® Solutions (a business segment of Truven Health Analytics, Inc.) that has gone through a MICROMEDEX® rigorous literature review and editorial process to assure the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Thorough reviews are followed to ensure the usability and quality of our offerings so our customers have the right tools to meet their requirements for in-depth chemical and regulatory information.

RightAnswer offers extensive, comprehensive, trusted and exclusive information at the right price!

Who uses the Knowledge Solutions products from RightAnswer?

Our products are essential to organizations that manufacture, consume, transport, use or regulate chemicals and to individuals who need current, accurate information for chemical and regulatory management, containment and evaluation such as:

  • Toxicologists
  • Industrial Hygienists
  • Physicians
  • Product Stewards
  • Safety Managers
  • HazMat/Emergency Response Personnel
  • Risk Assessment Professionals
  • First Responders
  • Regulatory Specialists
  • Researchers
  • Scientists

How are RightAnswer's Knowledge Solutions delivered?

RightAnswer offers three delivery platforms to help you with quick and easy access to the information you need, when and how you need it:

  • OnLine™ Application – via the Internet, our full line of integrated data sources are available 24/7.
  • OnSite™ Application – provided via USB or CDs, a popular subset of data sources for those users who may not have access to an Internet connection – a great choice for First Responders.
  • OnHand™ Access – for mobile devices, it delivers the OnLine™ Application optimized for smaller screens, including smart phones and tablets, available 24/7 anywhere your device receives service. (Official release estimated March 2013!)

RightAnswer provides more options, better solutions and the right information at the right price!

Where does RightAnswer get its content?

RightAnswer's content is licensed from trusted private parties and government agencies. Some public domain data is harvested from public sources, or acquired directly from sponsoring agencies. Our content comes from a variety of trusted/expert sources, and is provided in multiple languages where available.

Data sources include (but are not limited to):

  • MICROMEDEX® Solutions from Truven Health Analytics – this data is licensed exclusively to RightAnswer for the EHS market
  • National Libraries of Medicine
  • National Toxicology Program
  • United States Department of Transportation/Transport Canada
  • United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • United States Coast Guard
  • United States Department of Health and Human Services
  • New Jersey Department of Health
  • ChemADVISOR, Inc.
  • Various universities and hospitals

How often is RightAnswer content updated?

No waiting for quarterly updates – rolling data updates are integrated into RightAnswer's OnLine™ Application as soon as the data is available from our sources. RightAnswer data is current, comprehensive and trusted!

RightAnswer offers the right information at the right price!

Why should I choose RightAnswer?

Integrated Data – RightAnswer data sources are integrated, not just aggregated – a single search will return results from all databases that contain information on that query. Data received by RightAnswer is mastered to be accessible through the Integrated Index® search tool. Each integrated search scans all the databases simultaneously. Search time is significantly reduced, results are more pertinent, and you get to the RightAnswer more quickly.

More Data – In the last 12 months, RightAnswer has doubled the amount of data and sources available. We have incorporated the new data to take advantage of the Integrated Index® tool which searches for results across all databases. This makes searching so much easier than trying to use multiple sources with separate "silos" of data that then have to be coordinated. Additionally, RightAnswer has in-depth data that no one else in the EHS market can provide.

Proprietary Data – RightAnswer has exclusive rights to continually updated medical, hazard, ergonomic and reproductive risk data for EHS markets that is not available from any other provider.

RightAnswer offers exclusive, extensive and more data, at the right price!

How does RightAnswer charge for its products? How do I place or ask about an order? How do I get a price quote?

RightAnswer products are sold on a subscription basis – prices are based on the product bundle purchased and the scope of the license such as number of users granted access. We offer varying bundles of products to meet your specific information needs. Contact a Sales Representative for more information or a quote.

RightAnswer offers better information at the right price!

Which browsers/operating systems are supported?

RightAnswer's OnLine™ Application is optimized to run on all current browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and above – Windows
  • FireFox 3.0 and above – Windows/Mac
  • Safari 3.2 and above – Windows/Mac
  • Google Chrome 2.0 and above – Windows
  • Opera 9.6 and above – Windows/Mac

Can't get to the Internet? RightAnswer's OnSite™ Application ships quarterly on USB or CDs, designed to run on your hard drive or network, and is supported by the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP*
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

Effective April 2014, Microsoft discontinued support for the Windows XP operating system. As a result, it is likely that RightAnswer® will also phase out support for Windows XP. It will be very important for customers to work with their computer support staff to implement a transition to a Microsoft-supported version of Windows.

RightAnswer offers the right information at the right price!

What makes RightAnswer's Knowledge Solutions Unique?

RightAnswer's offerings are unique for two key reasons: 1) the copyrighted enhanced user interface, with integrated and full-text searching capabilities, is only available through RightAnswer, and 2) the proprietary data prepared by the MICROMEDEX® editorial staff, developed through a rigorous on-going editorial process, is only available through RightAnswer for the environmental health & safety (EHS) markets.

The RightAnswer ChemKnowledge® System, featuring the TOMES Plus® and REPRORISK® Systems, offers the most comprehensive combination of proprietary and government information sources available, including exclusive chemical, hazard, medical and regulatory databases not available from any other vendor.

The TOMES Plus® System offers an unparalleled collection of data sources that meet a wide range of needs in many areas, including first response, industrial safety, chemical and toxicological research, occupational health and environmental safety. The REPRORISK® System is a comprehensive source of reproductive risk information databases. Subscriptions to these Systems include proprietary MICROMEDEX® modules licensed by RightAnswer.com:

  • MEDITEXT® Medical Managements offer information to assist in evaluating and treating acute and chronic exposures to chemicals and reporting potential health effects and treatment for chemical release exposures.
  • HAZARDTEXT™ Hazard Managements present information needed for the initial response to incidents such as spills, leaks or explosions.
  • INFOTEXT® Documents provide general health and safety data on non-chemical specific topics such as ergonomics and human health risk assessments.
  • 1st Medical Response® Protocols present sample response protocols for a wide variety of injuries and illnesses that may occur in the workplace; designed for use by emergency medical technicians/paramedics.
  • REPROTEXT® Database (Available as part of the REPRORISK® System) presents in-depth reviews on full-range health effects on human reproduction of acute and chronic exposures; and reproductive, carcinogenic and genetic influences.

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